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Yes! Love this hardcore product This product is hardcore! will wake your ass up and make you lift hard and heavy. I bought this a couple years ago and loved it so I am super glad Enhanced Athlete came our with smelling salts again. badass company)

Brad F. / Facebook

AMAZING! Received within 4 days. Took 4 capsules 40min before my workout. And in the car on my way to the gym i had this tingly feeling in my arms like some get from a pre workout(i never had this either tho) So while i was working out my arms got sore super […]

Realgainz / Facebook

Taking 3 weeks and feel like my endurance is up. I do bodybuilding/fitness style workouts and feel like I can keep pushing longer and harder!!! Stacked with arachidonicc acid for pumps and feels amazing

James D.

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